After a somewhat restless night at IKEA, the nearby motorway disturbed our sleep a little, we headed south for us.

The goal was a place on the steep coast near Siracusa. The route led along a seemingly endless beach promenade and became increasingly narrow and overgrown. The last few meters were really very bumpy and made us fold up the underride protection for the first time. But the space made up for it all. Definitely very crowded in summer, there were only a few walkers on the way and in the evenings and at night it was heavenly quiet and lonely.

Actually, we shouldn’t have stood here at all, the whole thing was a nature reserve and next to a derelict military installation. However, we only discovered the corresponding signs on the day of departure …

After two beautiful days we made another stop at a campsite. The “Oasi Pacaru” in Avola was still halfway under construction, relatively narrow and not in an ideal location, but OK for our purposes and two nights. We used the time to clean, wash and shop.

We (and especially Lui …) were still happy when we drove back to lonely areas.

Following the tip of other travelers (thank you very much for that! 👍), whom we met on the coast near Siracusa, we drove a bit inland to the rock necropolis of Pantalica. The Unesco World Heritage Site comprises more than 5,000 chamber tombs and is located in an impressive landscape with deep gorges. Immediately after our arrival we were lucky enough to meet an archaeologist who told us a bit about the history of the complex, which dates from the Bronze and Iron Ages. Our pitch was a dream! Located directly above the Anapo Gorge, with a fantastic view of the valley and some of the grave caves.

After a great walk past the chambers in the rock walls and the Anaktoron (remains of the former royal palace) we spent a quiet night in front of this beautiful backdrop.

We used the bright sunshine the following day for a hike into the valley. It was only about 200 m, but felt at least three times as much. The path was partly steep, rocky and difficult to walk. But it was definitely worth it, we had great views of the gorges and the burial chambers and a break at an idyllic swimming area.

After two really nice days in solitude, we went back to civilization for one night in fog and drizzle. After a bulk purchase at Siracusa, we headed for Campeggio Rinaura, which is a bit out of the way. We were the only guests on the huge, very well-kept area with beautiful old trees and scattered lounge corners (certainly nice in better weather …).

Chance played into our hands in the form of the operator’s daughter. As it turned out in the conversation, she is a veterinarian and was able to take Luis’s vaccinations right at the campsite. The most stress-free solution for everyone involved – lucky! 😃

After a quiet night we drove back to Pantalica in the mountains. We looked for a new place to stay a little further east. We had grazed the hiking trails at our first place …

Otherwise we are currently busy with travel planning for the near future. We have already postponed or canceled the shipment to Canada planned for April. One idea is to cross over directly to the USA in May / June, in the hope that this will then be possible again …

For the time until then we have two alternatives: Greece or via France to Spain. Actually, we would now like to travel to Greece and slowly drive back to Germany by land. Especially since the Lui oracle has spoken out in favor of this route 😊.

The Greek lockdown and above all the currently valid test and quarantine regulations are putting a spanner in the works. It will probably remain Italy for the next few days / weeks, but we definitely want to leave Sicily.

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