Actually, we wanted to be on the road again now, but due to the still current movement restrictions, we are still on the Agricampeggio Alessandra – and probably for at least 3-4 weeks …

We had the choice: Either stay here, return to Heidenheim or continue illegally via Sicily. We are still not drawn to home and we didn’t feel like having any closed parking spaces or discussions with the local law enforcement officers.

Here we know what we have, the space is OK, as is the surroundings, but it still starts to get boring.

The highlight in the last few weeks was a trip with Ingo to the supermarket in Sant’Agata di Militello, 10 km away, combined with a visit to the gas station 😉. This also takes time, because you pay by card at the machine. BUT: Each refueling process is limited to 99, – €, that means with our tank volume of 500 l today 4 individual refueling processes with card, PIN etc. But we have time and leisure, but on the other hand we want to stand here with full tanks. Incidentally, AdBlue pumps are as rare in Sicily as whole-grain bread. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Otherwise we have dealt with the production of dog treats. Luis favorite sausage is not available here, so an adequate meat-based substitute had to be found. The result was meatballs with zucchini, carrots and cottage cheese. For him the unseasoned version, the rest has been refined a bit and has ensured an excellent dinner for both of us 🙂. Lui definitely loves these things, so we’ll be making dog meatballs more often in the future.

But we have heard of people who make Maultaschen themselves in Lockdown, but meatballs are harmless (greetings to Munich 👍)!

It took hours to commission our new WiFi amplifier. After various attempts to connect the thing to the local wifi and a 1-hour (unfortunately unsuccessful) conference call with my nephew (thanks Frederick!) We were about to send the part back. After we connected the whole thing to our own mobile router, which worked without any problems, the suspicion of the “experts” was confirmed: it is the router of the campsite that is blocking such devices (thanks to Tom and again to Frederick), we are learning to. So we will keep our Wavlink and hope for simple wifi without restrictions in the future.

The weather is slowly getting a little cooler and more unstable, but still bearable. During the day we have an average of around 18 ° in the shade, the evenings are getting cooler and cooler, from time to time there are brief rain showers, the nights are relatively cold at around 10 ° and meanwhile even Uwe no longer goes swimming in the sea. In addition, the surf and thus the undercurrent that is then present is too dangerous. The beach gets narrower, if you are too slow you get your feet wet quickly …?

We don’t notice much of the current critical situation in Italy, we sit a little on the island of the blissful. We don’t understand Italian news, you don’t get any details in the German media, our social contacts are mainly limited to the “neighbors” and if not everyone on the street was wearing a mask, you might think everything is normal …

That was the short update from us, there is nothing more to report – nothing happens …

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