Italy 09-…/2020


After a somewhat restless night at IKEA, the nearby motorway disturbed our sleep a little, we headed south for us.

The goal was a place on the steep coast near Siracusa. The route led along a seemingly endless beach promenade and became increasingly narrow and overgrown. The last few meters were really very bumpy and made us fold up the underride protection for the first time. But the space made up for it all. Definitely very crowded in summer, there were only a few walkers on the way and in the evenings and at night it was heavenly quiet and lonely.

The further journey north led through about 40 km of plastic. Greenhouses as far as the eye can see, we were happy to leave this area behind.

On the way we crossed Gela and Licata, both of which are very exciting local passages. It was Sunday and the cities were full. It gave the impression that all residents were out for Christmas shopping on the streets and in the shops. As disciplined as the population is otherwise in relation to the corona rules, there was no longer any talk of distance etc. …

We spent the night on the pitch of a very enterprising operator in San Leone near Agrigento. Apart from the fact that Ingo was once again too big for the area of the “Albachiara”, we had trouble not driving from the farm with liters of wine and olive oil. Of course, everything is homemade and super cheap … 😉

Actually, we wanted to be on the road again now, but due to the still current movement restrictions, we are still on the Agricampeggio Alessandra – and probably for at least 3-4 weeks …

We had the choice: Either stay here, return to Heidenheim or continue illegally via Sicily. We are still not drawn to home and we didn’t feel like having any closed parking spaces or discussions with the local law enforcement officers.

Here we know what we have, the space is OK, as is the surroundings, but it still starts to get boring.

The plan was actually until November 20th. to stay at Agricampeggio Alessandra and then move on to see the island. At the moment it looks like our stay here will be a bit longer.

Italy is now divided into 4 corona zones: green (does not exist …), yellow, orange (this includes Sicily) and red. Orange means we are allowed to move, but only within the “Commune”, ie the local area. After a very short thought, we decided to sit out the whole thing here for the time being, a possible return to Heidenheim was not an option for us. The infrastructure here is right, we have few social contacts (and only outside and at a distance), the weather is nice, the beach is close by, Lui can move around freely and there are shops in the next town. Let’s see, maybe we can still circumnavigate Sicily when the situation has relaxed a bit – at the moment we feel comfortable and safe here.

One day before the lockdown, we rode our bikes again to Sant’Agata di Militello, about 10 km away, to go shopping. There is one of the few “Eurospin” far and wide, a relatively large discount supermarket. When we arrived the line in front of the entrance consisted of 6 people, when we were outside again people were queuing across half the parking lot. We weren’t the only ones who used the last day with freedom of movement to replenish supplies …

Our days here all look the same – typical stand vacations 😉. First dog round around 7.30, have a late breakfast, go for a walk with Lui on the beach around early afternoon, do laundry, clean and go shopping from time to time. Uwe goes into the sea every now and then and otherwise we just hang around in the bright sunshine 😎. The days are warm, the evenings cold, rainy days extremely rare – perfect winter weather.

Otherwise we employ the Italian post office to deliver our various orders. Coffee grinder, wifi amplifier (thanks to Philip for forwarding and adding Mon Cherie and Eszet cuts 👍), ashtrays and folding bins lost on the way, dog food etc.

In between, Christian stood with his to the camper / Shirtmobil converted ambulance at the campsite and Uwe has printed a T-shirt with our logo. Become a class – thank you for that! 👍

I spent my birthday in the south for the first time and really enjoyed having morning coffee outside in shorts and a T-shirt and spending a wonderful afternoon at the stand.

Uwe baked me a pear, walnut and chocolate crumble under difficult conditions. No ground almonds were available in any of the supermarkets. Coconut flakes and pistachio flour en masse, but almonds only as a whole. In the absence of a mill, the almonds were processed into flour with a hammer – it worked great and the result was absolutely delicious! Thank you for the effort and a great day 😘.

Let’s see what the next time will bring. As I said, at the moment we feel that we are in good hands here, we are enjoying the travel-free time, but we are also looking forward to the onward journey and the rest of Sicily.

Our last night in the mountains was also extremely windy. After Gran Sasso we actually thought the storm couldn’t be topped, in Aremonga even the drawers opened due to Ingo’s bobbing at night … Not a nice feeling, somehow quite unsettling, and so we were happy to drive towards the Adriatic the next morning.

The destination was the Villagio la Torre campsite near Petacciato, right by the sea. After a sporty driveway (👍 Uwe) over the very narrow, terraced square, we stood on the beach, slightly elevated. Lt. Operator electricity “no problemo”, just the cable connection of our intact cable without large consumers let the fuses fly. 🤔 So solar cell energy is more environmentally friendly anyway.

The campsite in Venice wasn’t the nicest, right next to a parking lot and pretty full, but it was super cheap and bordered on the largest contiguous city park in Europe. 500 m on foot to the ferry to the old town with a journey time of only 20 minutes, the location was perfect for this city trip. Lui had to stay at home in the air-conditioned Ingo today, we didn’t want to do the city to him …