We used the week in Torrenova to free Ingo from the dust and dried mud of the past parking spaces, to carry out a bit of technical service and to deal with the search for a space for New Year’s Eve.

Our Christmas preparations were limited. With sun, beach and sometimes around 20 ° it was difficult for us to get into the festive mood.

We still had nice days, ate and drank delicious and enjoyed the nice weather.

On December 24th In the afternoon there was a small Christmas party at the campsite, organized by Italian guests of the site. A nice get-together for all “residents” with homemade sweets, panettone (THE Italian Christmas cake), prosecco and grappa.

Torrenova made it easy for us to say goodbye. The weather on December 26th and 27.12. It wasn’t nice at all – continuous rain, cold and the surrounding mountains with snow on the peaks for the first time.

Our plan to spend New Year’s Eve on Etna is still there, despite the snow and cold that await us there.

We put in an overnight stay in Sant’Alessio Siculo and spent a pleasant night in the Area Sosta des “Capitano”. The place is relatively beautiful, at the foot of Savoca and Forza d’Agro (the locations of “The Godfather”), almost directly on the sea, but also near the motorway. We were the only guests and enjoyed the full attention of the owner, including his Google translator 😉.

The following day we set off at a pleasant and sunny 18 °, to arrive on Mount Etna in the afternoon with clouds of fog, wind and 4 °. We are no longer used to such temperatures !!!

But the landscape is fascinating, beautiful in its own way and makes up for the cold. Black ground, lumps of lava everywhere and always the snow-covered Mount Etna in the background.

In the evening we had a fantastic view of the currently lava-spewing volcano – it couldn’t be better!

Unfortunately, our camera reached its limits here …

We spent the night in a quiet place right next to various hiking trails and a picnic area – we found our pitch for New Year’s Eve 😃.

The next morning greeted us with brilliant sunshine. We used the great weather for a hike through the lava fields, always with the smoking Mount Etna in view.

Another night followed at the nearby Mons Gibel campsite in Nicolosi, mainly to supply and dispose of again before we went for the lockdown from December 30th to January 2nd. return to our place on Etna. A nice campeggio, once again totally empty and again the opportunity to do laundry.

In beautiful weather we came back to Etna and took another walk through this great landscape.

We spent the afternoon with Tanja and Gunnar ( 3weltreisen.de ), who didn’t want to miss the “lava fireworks” on New Year’s Eve. We had wonderful hours with the two of them and at midnight we stood in front of the spitting volcano, fascinated. An impressive natural spectacle in absolute silence, an unforgettable turn of the year for us.

The following three pictures are from someone who really has it. A big thank you to Gunnar for the photos and for letting us use them! 👍

The new year began more or less cold, foggy and with snow and sleet showers. Time for us to leave the mountains again and drive to warmer climes. The short excursion into winter was definitely worth it, but it was enough for us …

After a somewhat longer odyssey of supply and disposal, we finally landed on the IKEA parking lot in Catania, where we will spend the night. Not particularly pretty, but also here with a view of Mount Etna.

We wish you all a great and healthy new year! Have fun with everything you do!

And thank you for all of your lovely messages, we were very happy about every single one.

Finally, two comments:

  • after several people have asked us … The loading problem of the body is thanks to first-class telephone support from Fa. Comb provisionally loosened
  • the last two emails regarding a new post were a mistake. This is what happens when laypeople try to make a website multilingual … Of course, our blog is still available in German!
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