After seven weeks in Heidenheim we went on again.

We were very excited about our modified rolling home and after 8 hours of driving on the highway we were back at Fa. Kerkamm in the yard.

In addition to a few maintenance and warranty work, Ingo was improved a bit, especially in terms of electricity and water.

With two additional solar panels and two more AGM batteries, we hope to be able to stand for a longer period of time, even in bad weather, without having to start the generator to generate electricity.

Another major change was the replacement of the macerator with a dry separation toilet. We can now use the flushing water tank that is no longer required as an additional fresh water supply. With around 500 liters of water on board, we don’t have to worry about replenishment for a very long time. We are currently ensuring the quality of the water in the tanks by adding Micropur (prevents the formation of algae and germs and has an antibacterial effect), and soon with silver ion balls, which have the same effect.

After a night in Elmshorn we drove to the camping site “Tante Henni” in Hasloh. The location was convenient for meeting Uwe’s family and not far to downtown Hamburg for my long-awaited girls’ evening.

We spent six nights in the full, but nicely made and relaxed place with very helpful and nice operators.

We used the time to say goodbye to Uwe’s children, grandchildren and my girlfriend, were visited by dear friends, in between we took a nice walk through the Himmelmoor in Quickborn and prepared for our onward journey.

On the last day Ingo got a couple of new stickers.

Front and back from the professional in Hamburg (many thanks to T&T design – the same top quality as our logos), on the part of the layman …

After the chaos of the big city, we made our way towards Bremen to Ulli and Frank. Again we enjoyed the warm hospitality, spent two beautiful evenings together and stood quietly and undisturbed on the company premises (one of Luis’ favorite outdoor areas). Thank you very much for everything, especially again for the borrowed car, you have made our lives a lot easier in the last few weeks! Oh yes – and Lui will miss his new girlfriend Ulli very much (apart from us, almost the only person he doesn’t bark at first 🙂).

For us it went south again. After seven hours through the vacationer return traffic madness on the A7, we found a nice parking space near Bad Hersfeld on the parking lot of the shooting club. Located right on the edge of the forest and quiet despite the proximity to the motorway, we spent an undisturbed night there before we started the next stage the next morning.

We hadn’t even noticed that three other Womos came in the night and an awning was set up at one of them 1/2 meter behind our heads 🙄.

The only downer was the fact that Ingo unfortunately couldn’t withstand the rain. Neither the skylight nor the new door were up to the weather. Let’s see what solution there will be …

We had to change our planned route a little. My bank in Heidenheim informed me that the branch will be closed shortly and before we leave the country again, there was a little bit of work to be done there. So unfortunately back to Heidenheim …

Our next stop was south of Rothenburg odT in the parking lot of the Waldfreibad von Bergertshofen. As the name suggests, near the forest, no house far and wide and completely quiet.

Above all, it was astonishing that in cold, wet, rainy weather, a relatively large number of people used the two hours in which the beautifully designed pool was open to swim. It was definitely too uncomfortable for us!

This was followed by a pleasantly short drive to Heidenheim. After an hour we were standing on the RV park on the outskirts. Not the prettiest place, but perfectly adequate for our purposes.

We actually lived in Ingo for the three days of our stay, but then we made a little detour to our apartment. The shower was too tempting … 😉

We celebrated Uwe’s birthday in the very nice company of Jane and Detlev in the restaurant of the castle hotel. We spent a nice evening together and so this trip to Heidenheim (only because of my bank) turned out to be something good 😃.

Selfie in the underground car park 😉

Thanks to a rental car, we were mobile and took a few nice walks on the Swabian Alb before heading back north after three days.

The solution to our moisture problem is a repair by the body builder near Hamburg. Completely off our travel route, this action costs us a lot of time and nerves. A provisional self-help is out of the question for us, so we take the A7 again.

How our route to Turkey will look like after that depends on how quickly the repairs will be done.

We will report …

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