In Croatia we drove 924 km in 2 weeks, 1 day and 22 hours.

Our next country was Slovenia. The entry at the small border crossing at Vinica went smoothly. After the border official took a quick look in the shower and bathroom to check whether we wanted to smuggle anyone in, we were in Slovenia. Nobody wanted to see a test or how long it was since our vaccination.


As the first overnight destination, we headed for the “Baza 20” in the middle of the so-called horn forest. After about 50 km we reached the former headquarters of the Slovenian partisan movement in World War II.

We went on an extensive exploration tour to the huts scattered in the forest, most of which are unfortunately closed and the open ones contain information boards, but unfortunately only in Slovenian … What a shame, we would have liked to have learned a little more about the history, but that’s the way it was a beautiful and quiet place in the middle of nature.

We spent the following morning in various shops in the relatively large city of Novo Mesto. Shopping for groceries and the hunt for a SIM card were on the agenda. We found what we were looking for in our mobile internet at “Hofer”, which is identical to Aldi. (€ 10.00, 100 GB, valid for 30 days, also works in the mobile router, relatively simple activation, which is also described in English on the HoT homepage).

Our next parking space was only about 20 km away as the crow flies, but due to the not so lush road network it was a driving distance of about 70 km. The small country roads are narrow, winding and lead through many villages, but they are toll-free and we see a lot of the country.

The destination was the parking lot of the pilgrimage church in Nova Stifta. Built between 1641 and 1671, it is one of the most beautiful baroque churches in Slovenia. We stood a little apart, which was also very good because of the wedding taking place in the churchyard …

Again we were surrounded by the forest, took a nice and especially shady walk and enjoyed the quiet that set in in the evening.

After we were woken up the following morning (Sunday) at 6.30 am by the ringing bells for early mass, we visited the church from the inside. As much as the building looked in need of renovation from the outside, it was so beautiful from the inside – if you like baroque …

Then we made our way west to Postojna Cave. As it is said to be the most attractive karst cave in the world, we postponed our visit to Monday in the hope that it would then be emptier.

First we moved into our quarters at the Pivka Jama campsite, approx. 4 km from the cave and again in the middle of the forest 😉. A huge area, a bit old and mainly created for tents, this is likely to be a remnant of socialism. But in a super nice location, as good as empty and within bike distance of our cave tour the next day.

We used the afternoon for some service work and hopefully thawed our fridge for the last time before it was replaced by a more easy-care model at the end of June.

With the bikes we were at the entrance of the cave in about 15 minutes the following noon. The entire area is of course very touristy, but luckily there was hardly anything going on. Besides us, only about 20 other people got on the train that drove us the first 3.5 km into the huge cave system.

Afterwards we continued on foot for about 1.5 km before we started back by train after 1.5 hours. Of the total of 24 km we only saw about 5 km, but these were really impressive! Incredible rock formations in huge halls and corridors, the underground river Pivka and of course the famous cave olms 😉 (very cute, but unfortunately only in the terrarium).

The proud entrance fee of € 25.80 per person was definitely worth it!

We made a short detour to Predjamski Grad, the largest cave castle in the world. Built over 800 years ago in a rock more than 120 m high, it is a spectacular sight. We would have liked to visit the castle and the many secret passages behind it, but unfortunately the facility was closed.

This was followed by extremely curvy and narrow 70 km to our next parking space, the Visoko mansion. The drive was exhausting, especially for the driver 😘👍, and so we were happy about the open café, the first cappuccino in a long time and super delicious blueberry cheesecake.

We were allowed to spend the night in front of the beautiful country house from the 17th century, which has been in existence since the 20th century. as the manor Tavčar is named after a Slovenian writer and politician. Ingo stood next to a huge bronze statue of Ivan Tavčar, we had a sundowner on the beautiful terrace and Lui went for a walk in the forest again.

A really picturesque area and if we hadn’t heard the noise of the traffic on the nearby street, it would have been perfect.

Our next planned parking space was the Franja partisan hospital, about 45 minutes. away. Unfortunately, the parking lot was too small for Ingo, but we still visited the facility, which was built and used between 1943 and 1945. During this period, almost 900 people from different nations were treated in the hospital in the Pasice Gorge, which was extremely difficult to access at the time. The original facility was almost completely destroyed by a flood in 2007, so that today you can only see a reconstruction, which is still very impressive!

A few kilometers further we found a parking lot where we could spend the night, once again in the forest … The place belonged to the Cerkno Resort Počivalo, a ski and bike park at an altitude of about 1,000 m. The building that went with it belonged to the ski lift and was logically closed at the moment, so that we were in absolute peace and solitude.

So far we like Slovenia a lot! A pretty landscape with a lot of forest liche and friendly people.
We still have about a week before we have to be in Austria. I have a doctor’s appointment to have my injured finger examined in Montenegro. We are approaching the “right” mountains and are excited about what awaits us there.

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