The originally planned four weeks in Torrenova turned into seven. First because of the corona-related travel restrictions, then because of the Italian post office, which took a little longer for two parcels to not deliver them at the end, but to send them back to the sender …..

The time here was relaxing, was good for us, but in the end it was also boring. We didn’t start to become permanent campers and we found almost two months in one place too long. Va with the prospect that between the 21.12. and 06.01. the lockdown is tightened again and travel will not be possible again.

At the end of our stay Lui gave us a real scare, he had a seizure with unconsciousness. The veterinarian organized by the campsite could not find anything. He’s fine again and we just hope now that this was a one-off!

A nice change from our long-term stop was definitely Tanja and Gunnar, who made a stop here with their “Baloo” ( ). We had wonderful hours together, were able to exchange ideas about our vehicles and plans and definitely benefited from their tips. In the end we agreed that we would like to spend the next lockdown at the same campsite.

So we are now exploring various places separately from one another to find the right one, definitely on the south coast, where it is on average warmer and less rainfall.

Uwe and I made our way across the island towards Ragusa and stayed overnight in the parking lot of the Sicilian Outlet Center near Enna. Immediately after arrival we noticed a problem with the battery charging of the body by the alternator. A phone call with Fa. Kerkamm did not get any results quickly, the solution was postponed until the next morning.

At 9.30 p.m. our cozy evening was interrupted by the security service. The really very friendly gentleman did not like our remote location, he led us to the main parking lot, where we spent a quiet night under the supervision of security.

While Uwe tried to solve the battery problem the next morning under telephone guidance (unfortunately unsuccessful), I used the time and went shopping 😉.

We will fix the cargo defect provisionally in the next few days / weeks, again under the guidance of the mechatronic from Fa. Comb.

But first it went on to Punta Bracetto at the Scarabeo campsite. Not our thing … Too narrow, no shopping opportunities nearby, hardly any space to go for a walk and no beautiful surroundings.

The whole region is shaped by greenhouses up to the horizon, we have never seen this anywhere before.

The Scarabeo has definitely been removed from the list of possible parking spaces for Christmas. Tanja and Gunnar were not doing better at the Valle dei Templi – so we keep looking.

The following day was not particularly successful either. Either the places were stupid, closed or not accessible. We were a bit frustrated in between and are now on the “Baia del Sole” in Marina di Ragusa – the only guests …

In the meantime we have also learned that our standards seem to be completely different from those of many other people. We found places that are consistently rated with 5 stars just terrible, either too narrow or fragmented, location on a busy, noisy street, etc.

Tomorrow we will continue north to the west coast – hope dies last …

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