I’m Lui and it really isn’t easy.

Exposed as a puppy with my siblings in Sardinia, then bottle-fed in the animal shelter and then spent the first months of my life in a kennel with a lot of others. I can’t remember exactly what happened there, it was definitely not nice! And the only thing I’ve learned is that offense is the best defense.

At some point I was loaded into a car, driven around for hours in the area, and then got off again in northern Germany. The family I ended up with was actually quite OK. Nice people and a relatively relaxed dog buddy. Everything didn’t go too badly, I was slowly getting used to it, and wasn’t so much afraid of everything. Until these two people showed up … They came often and tried to be nice to me.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see through their plans. At some point I was loaded back into a car and let out of the two of them. So far so good, the nice family and the other dog were there. First… At some point they just drove away and left me there. Not a nice feeling! I was scared, the two of them had no idea about dogs and somehow everything was dangerous. I didn’t want to go into the garden, only eat when nobody was around and I wouldn’t let you touch it anyway. After a few months I had submitted to my fate, settled in halfway and actually found the two of them quite OK. I had to go to school all the time and should learn all kinds of things, but on the whole it was pretty good there.

And what do they do then? They are moving!

In the middle of a city, no more garden, everywhere people, cars and other dogs. Everything all over again. Fear, school, new territory etc. After a while it was OK for me again, no use … I like them both now, even if they think they are the pack leaders. Ridiculous!

And then ? Pull them into a truck and travel around the world, with me of course. Constantly new environments, little space in this car and at all.

How am I supposed to do my job there? Actually, I’m a herding or herd guard dog. Don’t know exactly what, it doesn’t matter, in case of doubt both. In the meantime I have realized my mission! I have to protect the two of them because they have no idea. Hearing bad, smelling next to nothing and cannot properly assess dangers.

And then they don’t even know how to appreciate it … Every time I bark at people and dogs that are walking too close to us, they tell me to shut up. And 300 m are much too close!

I am only allowed to run freely when nothing is really going on; in really dangerous situations (camping site, city, other people and dogs nearby) I always have to be on a leash. How am I supposed to protect my flock? In the evenings I’m always pretty exhausted from all the work and after dinner it’s also the end of the day. Whoever wants to can sneak around the car, but I don’t care if someone else should take care of it.

All in all, I’m doing pretty well with both of them. I’m outside a lot and can sleep great in the cab while driving. They are nice to me, stroke me, give me delicious food (even if I always have to fetch it …), take care of my fur and, by and large, let me do my job in peace. Apart from the attempts at bringing up children, it’s really good there. Most of what they want, I do. As a rule, I come when they call, haul discarded balls and do other unnecessary stuff. Then they are happy and I get treats.

But at some point I have them to the point that they give up. Then I can pull on the leash, get up when I want, on my blanket, if I think that’s right, bark at whoever I want and just fulfill my mission in peace.

With that in mind, I’ll keep you posted.

Note the herd: the lockdown is blooming strange, we are slowly having camp fever …

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