After two nights at Camping Tirana, we made our way back to Montenegro. Our next stop was the agritourism “Mrizi i Zanave”, about 30 km from the border. While looking for a parking space, we stumbled upon this farm, which also offers overnight accommodation for campers. We expected a small farm with a simple restaurant and ended up with a well-established company.

The first impression scared us off a bit, all hell broke loose … The large parking lot was packed, from the petting zoo to the children’s train behind the tractor, everything was there, the parking space extremely muddy. We stayed anyway and only later realized that we had landed at one of THE restaurateurs in Albania.

The food and the ambience were really good. A stylishly furnished restaurant and everything from rose water as an aperitif to dessert was perfect. The food consisted of a variety of Albanian delicacies, from vegetables to meat (baby goat and chicken) everything was homemade. Relatively high-priced for Albanian conditions, we were very impressed by the bill for the equivalent of € 30.00 incl. Drinks.

The next morning we treated ourselves to breakfast there, which was in no way inferior to dinner.

The night was interrupted again by barking dogs, but this time the animal next to the car sounded like an angry brown bear …

We drove on to the Koman reservoir east of Shkodra, described in many travel reports mainly because of the supposedly most beautiful ferry connection in Albania, but also because of the winding and bad roads. We saved the ferry, as well as the circumnavigation.

After a short detour (approx. 30 minutes for 10 km) we turned around and spent the afternoon and night in the parking lot of the “Perla” restaurant. Beautifully located directly on the lake, with scattered pavilions in a pretty garden and delicious food.

The parking lot was very busy all day after the last guest had left at around 10 p.m., but we had a quiet night – the first in weeks without barking dogs!

This should be our last evening in Albania. The next morning we made our way to Montenegro. After about a week in this country, an ambivalent feeling remained. We have not become the best friends, but perhaps it is not possible in the short time we have. We would like to visit this country again later, with a smaller car.

One more point of note at the end: the country is littered with bunkers. Approx. 200,000 pieces, built between 1972 and 1984 under the socialist rule of Enver Hoxha. They are in gardens, on the street, actually everywhere and are sometimes even very pretty 😉.

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