After almost 8 hours of driving and 29 construction sites (the longest of which 30 km in a row), we arrived at our stopover near Hildesheim. We stayed next to the sports field of the TUS Hasede with an affiliated club restaurant, the reception by the club board was warm and the surroundings were beautiful.

For dinner there was a huge schnitzel followed by a nice chat with Matthias, our “sleeping neighbor” and professional truck driver.

We had a quiet, undisturbed night and set out for Elmshorn the next morning.

After this time only 4 construction sites and a 3-hour drive, we were at Fa. Kerkamm. The leak tests on the skylight, storage space and door started immediately and also quickly led to results and thus solutions. The window was immediately re-sealed, the repair on the door and the storage flaps was postponed to the following day, as the manufacturer of the cabin was responsible for this.

In the evening Philip and Michelle came by. We were very happy about the visit, spent a nice evening together, the gentlemen arranged for dinner (walking through the drive in from Burger King), but saying goodbye was a bit difficult for all of us. We are already looking forward to seeing you again in spring!

The repair by the cabin manufacturer the next morning also went smoothly and we now have a tight Ingo 👍.

We had lost time and covered a few kilometers in the wrong direction, but overall it was an extremely customer-friendly and fast process.

In the end there was an agreement that was satisfactory for everyone and we were able to continue our journey in the early afternoon.

After looking at the traffic situation on the A7 (28 km traffic jam around the Elbe tunnel), we spontaneously decided to drive to the Czech Republic via Berlin and Dresden and found a nice place to stay at the Neustadt-Glewe sports airfield. After the flight operations were over, we stood in wonderful calm with a view of the clear starry sky.

And on it went east. The usual heavy traffic around Berlin was a bit annoying, but finally we ended up in Brandenburg on a nice parking lot for hikers. Relatively close to the road, but right next to the forest, incl. blooming heather. Our little white hunter was not able to run freely in these forests rich in game, but was compensated with foraging.

The next day we drove a short distance further into the Spreewald, where we with Tanja and Gunnar ( ) were agreed. The two of them met us on their way from southern Europe to northern Germany. We last met about 5 months ago and so we were really looking forward to seeing each other again.

The parking space at the Slavic castle near Raddusch was well attended when we arrived and the nearby motorway could be heard, but it was convenient for our meeting and emptied during the day.

After a nice evening and breakfast together, we first drove to MAN in Dresden. The right wing mirror cover and a tree did not get along so well …

The attempt by Uwe and Gunnar unfortunately didn’t work, the part was broken … 🙁

The repair went quickly and so we were on our last parking space in Germany for the time being in the afternoon.

We landed on a hiking car park in the Ore Mountains near Bad Gottleuba-Berggriesshübel (nice name 🙂) just before the Czech border. Like two nights ago, it was located on a barely traveled road and right in front of a huge forest area.

After two months and two weeks, we’re going abroad again, tomorrow we’re going to the Czech Republic. We are excited and look forward to the 8th country of our trip!

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