Travel planning

Out of date due to Covid 19 !

First of all, Uwe and I sat down independently of each other and each made a list of the goals we really want to see. Fortunately, we had some similarities, or countries and regions, which neither of us particularly attracted. Next we glued points on a huge world map in order to get an overview and to be able to decide on a very rough route.

The result is the following plan:

We will start in southern Europe in spring 2020. In order to get to know the car, to get used to the changed living conditions and in general “to get used to” it seemed to us to make sense to stay on the continent. We want to spend the winter in Morocco and then ship to Halifax in the spring of 2021, to cross Canada and the USA and to drive along the Panamericana to Tierra del Fuego. Africa and Australia are then planned.

Let’s see how often we will deviate from our planned route …