2 U

2 U, these are:

Ute : Born in 1966, quit her job for the “Ingo” project and curious about the world, the people and everything we will encounter on the way. Previously active non-camper and probably responsible for the blog, photos, budget and practicality during the trip.

Uwe : Born in 1956, retired fire officer, looking forward to adventure, problem solving, landscapes and interpersonal contacts in all possible countries. Also no camper experience and probably responsible for driving, navigation, technology and washing clothes during the trip.

What gave us the idea of a trip around the world in an expedition vehicle?

A three-week vacation in Alaska and American retirees driving motorhomes the size of coaches for months. We thought: “We can do that too, just longer and with a different vehicle”.

Result: Ingo, our expedition vehicle

When should it start?

Planned travel start March 2020