Another lake. We drove about 100 km north on the autobahn, paid € 13.00 again and at times felt like we were at home. A not inconsiderable part of the road users consisted of Germans, campers and cars …

After a relaxed ride, we stood on the bank of a small lake, listened to the countless frogs and enjoyed the view and the peace and quiet – except for the frogs, which at least 59 db have crooked our ears 😉.

We weren’t completely alone, apart from us there were two other campers, but because of our somewhat secluded place, that didn’t bother us. It’s getting noticeably full … If we haven’t seen any other motorhome for weeks in the last few months, we now meet other travelers or holidaymakers comparatively often.

After shopping at a German discounter (including fresh wholemeal bread !!!) we went to the Pecinskog Parka, the only cave park in Europe. However, only one can be visited, the Samograd Cave. The tour with our guide lasted about an hour and led 345 m over 474 steps carved into the rock through fascinating rock formations and back again. After a total of 948 steps at 8 ° C, we came back to the daylight richer by a great impression and spent the night in the parking lot at the information booth.

We felt very welcome there, the next morning we were even able to fill up with water, we didn’t need the electricity connection or the toilets. Thanks to the park administration!

We left around noon and drove no less than 10 km to the Lika River. The place we initially headed for was beautiful, but unfortunately it was also so littered that we didn’t want to stay there.

One of the few perspectives without garbage …

A few km further we found a nice corner, also by the river and completely remote. There was rubbish there, too, but to the extent that we could collect it and take it with us … The whole day we didn’t see a soul and the night was quiet and undisturbed except for another frog concert.

The next day started with rain and the forecast was not better, so we decided at short notice to cancel the Plitvicka Jezera National Park (Plitvice Lakes) and drive straight on towards Slovenia. On the one hand we didn’t feel like visiting the park in the rain, on the other hand it should be very crowded. We didn’t get to see the filming location of, among other things, “Schatz im Silbersee” – but it didn’t matter.

After another 100 km of motorway we arrived at Sabljak Lake and found a well-equipped small campsite. The journey there could also have led through the Allgäu, the landscape and many license plates reminded us very much of southern Germany 😉.

We enjoyed one of the best showers since leaving home and spent the afternoon strolling by the lake and cleaning …

Most of the rainy morning of the following day was spent in Ingo. We had chosen a parking space further north, but unfortunately the last 20 km of the journey turned out to be a bad gravel road across the forest. The gravel would not have been the problem, but the low-hanging branches and forestry work would have been the problem. Since the whole thing ended in a dead end and there were no alternatives in the area, we drove back to the campsite and used the afternoon for administrative matters. We need a car for our time in Germany, the shipping to the USA and the associated insurance have to be requested, a shopping list for missing items has to be drawn up and, above all, our 2nd vaccination in Germany (🤪) has to be organized, etc. etc.

A pleasant side effect, at least for Uwe, was the renewed welcome slivovitz at the campsite 😉.

Since we could only enter Slovenia three days later without a test (then 21 days had passed after our 1st vaccination), we stayed in the area and only drove south for about 30 minutes. We found a great place in the middle of nowhere. Surrounded by a huge wild meadow and many country lanes to go for a walk, we spent a beautiful sunny day there with a brief interruption in the thunderstorm. Every now and then a faint rustling of the motorway a little further away could be heard, otherwise we stood in heavenly peace.

Lui loves such places – lots of space, no dogs or people and the leash only pro forma 😉. And the brown bear, in whose territory we were probably standing, we only heard during the night and didn’t see it – so no danger …

We liked it so much that we stayed a second day to deal with our travel plans. The result was a decision that does not make us happy, but in our eyes the only sensible one: We are postponing our shipment to the USA / Canada to spring 2022. On the one hand, it is not yet clear when entry will be possible again, on the other hand, we would only be there relatively late in the year and many destinations would be accessible in winter or not at all.

The new route looks like that, as planned, we will be in Germany for about 4 weeks from the end of June, after which we will travel to Turkey via Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria to spend the winter there. We want to ship to Halifax (Canada) in April / May 2022.

We spent our last night in Croatia again at Camp Sabljak and used the infrastructure to do laundry and do a little Ingo, among other things.

Exactly a year ago today we took over Ingo in Elmshorn, definitely a reason to celebrate before we continue to Slovenia tomorrow.

We liked Croatia a lot, great landscapes, nice people, everything very well cared for and easy on the eye 👍.

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