The further journey north led through about 40 km of plastic. Greenhouses as far as the eye can see, we were happy to leave this area behind.

On the way we crossed Gela and Licata, both of which are very exciting local passages. It was Sunday and the cities were full. It gave the impression that all residents were out for Christmas shopping on the streets and in the shops. As disciplined as the population is otherwise in relation to the corona rules, there was no longer any talk of distance etc. …

We spent the night on the pitch of a very enterprising operator in San Leone near Agrigento. Apart from the fact that Ingo was once again too big for the area of the “Albachiara”, we had trouble not driving from the farm with liters of wine and olive oil. Of course, everything is homemade and super cheap … 😉

The actually great beach was unfortunately almost non-existent, the surf came relatively far on the beach, but we could go for a walk in the really beautiful dunes.

The next day we continued, past the Valle dei Templi (unfortunately currently closed), to a stopover at the Scala dei Turchi. A white, step-shaped rock on the cliff near Realmonte.

The goal for the day was the Campeggio “la Palma” at Menfi. The journey should have given us food for thought … It was getting narrower and more remote and the road was actually closed to vehicles> 3.5 t. The place was in a condition that made us turn around immediately, apart from the fact that it was closed … It was now late afternoon and slowly we wanted to get somewhere. After visiting another “campsite” which was actually just a walled back yard, a bit of frustration spread again.

Tanja and Gunnar were a little ahead of us with their baloo and the Whatsapp from the two of them asking if we wanted to come to them came at exactly the right time. The two were standing on an unpaved back road right by the sea near Petrosino. We arrived in the dark and couldn’t see how beautiful it was until the next day.

We spent a quiet night, were woken up early by a few anglers and actually had the plan not to drive that far and to stand free between salt pans in a nature reserve north of Marsala.

On arrival we were greeted by 3 street dogs, nothing for Lui, so on.

We finally landed at the “El Bahira” campsite near San Vito lo Capo on the northernmost tip of Sicily, one of many on our “Christmas list”.

A beautiful landscape with great cliffs, not for nothing a climber hotspot. We liked the campsite a lot, but unfortunately Ingo was again too big, but above all too high … The pitch was so crooked that we should have built under it, but it didn’t work because the roof rails almost hit the awning poles of the pitch. So a night on a slope …

We liked the area so much that we spent the following night free standing below the cliff. A somewhat muddy 4×4 approach, but a fantastic place near the lighthouse, incl. multiple visits to a flock of sheep.

Even if we are on a campsite somewhere over Christmas, we will definitely come back to this area again!

We spent the following day more or less in the car. We wanted to see the B & B / Camping “Mama Colette” near Marsala, one of the possible places for the lockdown on December 25th / 26th.

We arrived a little spoiled by the great area of the last few days and somehow we didn’t get the right gut feeling. A really nice place, we could have stood somewhere in the large garden, the hostess is definitely very warm and the whole thing is completely uncomplicated, but somehow we didn’t like it. So we went back for 1 1/2 hours towards San Vito lo Capo, where we spent the night in a parking lot right by the sea at the foot of the mountains.

The plan to spend the Christmas days together with the “3 world travelers” will probably not work out, we did not get together with regard to the pitch. Maybe it will work on New Year’s Eve.

The following day we drove through the most beautiful landscape in Sicily to date to the nearby nature reserve “Zingaro”. We actually wanted to spend the night in one of the secluded parking lots there. After a wonderful drive over narrow serpentines, we arrived at the lonely spot. The very friendly ranger informed us that the park is currently also closed in the parking lot due to forest fires in September and the associated risk of falling rocks. We could spend the night there, but he was worried about us and Ingo and advised us very clearly against it.

We listened to his advice and drove back to our old parking space in the “Monte Cofano” nature reserve near San Vito lo Capo.

The parking lot at the south entrance of the park, where we actually wanted to spend the following night, was not ideal either. A beautiful view, but no freedom of movement because of the closed park.

We drove on along the north coast, the nature reserve in front of Palermo that we were initially heading for turned out to be nonexistent, we ended up in Piane Vecchia shortly before Cefalù. Our parking space was on the outskirts, directly on a kilometer-long sandy beach – and a cruiser turning plate … The later the evening, the quieter it got and we spent a pleasant night here.

In the meantime we were about 90 km from Torrenova and thus before the Agricampeggio Alessandra, our 7-week stay in October / November. Actually, we definitely didn’t want to go there again, but at the moment it seems to us the most sensible to spend the Christmas days there before we continue towards Etna.

On the way there, we still did parking space scouting for New Year’s Eve. We definitely want to stand quiet and far away from any fireworks. The idea was to stand in the middle of the “Parco dei Nebrodi” nature reserve in the forest. The almost 1 hour journey led over narrow roads, many serpentines through beautiful landscapes deeper and deeper into the forest. Unfortunately, always further up. At the destination at 1,500 m it was still 8 ° and foggy …

In itself a nice place, but unfortunately very cold and muddy. Surrounded by wild goats, sheep and pigs, we were also a bit worried about Luis hunting instinct.

We keep looking and are now back in Torrenova, where we will be until 27.12. will stay.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a great start into a happy new year!

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